Is it really free?

Yes. CallingID LinkAdvosr 2.0 is really being offered as a free Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud computing product. Most of the real-time testing, analysis and verification are done in the cloud (in CallingID data centers).
We have to make this point because everyone is tired of surprises with :
  • Free downloads
  • Free trails
  • Free with...
To us "free" means that you can use CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 without charge for as long as you want with no other obligation beyond honoring the End User Software and Service License agreement which says that you recognize that the code is owned by CallingID and cannot be modified or resold and it protects each of us from liability.

As part of the installation process you will be prompted to register. The registration process generates a License to Use key which will be emailed to you.  Once the License to Use Key has been entered you will be a licensed CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 subscriber for 12 months, then you will be asked to once again renew your License to Use and continue to use for free.

Your registration information and email address is expressly for CallingID's internal use and will not be distributed (privacy statement) to any other organization.