Before You Click

Security experts and financial institutions warn:
  • "Know who are sending personal information or credit card numbers"
  • "Never follow a link you receive by email or instant messenger"
  • "If you have to follow a link - don't click it, type it"
  • "Do not trust a link even if you receive it from someone you know"
Trying to avoid being tricked is realy tough, but CallingID makes it easy by removing the guesswork.

CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 provides the information you need to determine if it is safe to click on a link from a search or incoming email, message, twitter, or document before you visit the site and verifies that the connection and link is really to the site you think before you send any information.

CallingID Link Advisor automatically scouts the site(s) you intend to visit and provides you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Now you don't have to be an expert to be safe! CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 provides you the site ratings on a search and provides specific link information when you place your mouse over the link.

Verified CheckmarkSAFE to submit information and make purchases at this site.
SafeSAFE to submit information to this site.
Low RiskClick the raiting to see the reasons for rating before you proceed.
High RiskYou should not click on the URL.

The rest of the description tells you who the site belongs to and where the server is located.

For example: