ISPs and ISVs

CallingID SaaS and software products are designed for easy integration with ISPs' services and inclusion with ISVs' consumer security suites.

CallingID offers several OEM versions of LinkAdvisor 2.0

  • LinkAdvisor 2.0 - With your Logo
  • LinkAdvisor 2.0 toolbar version - For ISPs that currently don't have a toolbar and would like to offer this added value to their subscribers
  • LinkAdvisor 2.0 lookup version - For ISPs that have their own toolbar and would like to add the lookup and safe search capabilities for browsers, IM, email, search engines, etc.
  • Clientless LinkAdvisor 2.0 - This enables you embedded LinkAdvisor lookup functionality without adding any client software on the PC. Simply include a snippet in the relevant web pages and it invokes the real-time lookup from our evaluation engines and data bases. This is ideal for web-mail and search engine applications.
These packages leverage the CallingID SaaS capabilities or can be configured to the SaaS functionality provided by the ISP.

CallingID Strong Authentication Platform

CallingID offers a server-based mutual identification, verification and authentication component that enables users to ensure that they are connecting to your site.
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