Banks, credit card companies, on-line stores, B2C companies and consumer protection groups are constantly looking for ways to help their clients avoid becoming victims of internet fraud, scams and identity theft.
IT organizations can protect their users from being scammed by visiting hostile sites by providing them CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0

CallingID is pleased to offer  LinkAdvisor 2.0 as a free download or as an OEM product.

CallingID offers two options of LinkAdvisor 2.0

  • LinkAdvisor 2.0 with CallingID logo
  • LinkAdvisor 2.0 using the OEM logo

CallingID Safe Login

CallingID offers a server-less mutual identification, verification and authentication software that enables users to ensure that they are logging into the real site they intend to free of phishing, man-in-the-middle, DNS spoofing and cross-scripting.
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